How to Lower Your Electricity Bill

One of the most dreaded parts about summer is the increase in your electric bill due to running the air conditioning. Some people experience considerable increases in the hundreds of dollars in the large, colonial homes that still exist all over Charleston, especially if they have drafty windows or poor insulation. If you haven’t already had your annual air conditioning service in Charleston, make sure to get scheduled and get an expert opinion on how you can lower your electric bill this summer. In the meantime, there are a few things homeowners can do to try to lower their utility costs related to their AC unit.

  1. Program The Thermostat- Most air conditioning service in Charleston will have digital thermostats included as their standard option for central air units. These thermostats are programmable to more than just setting a temperature. You can set the temperature to be higher when you’re at work and cooler when you are expected to be at home. You can also program the fan to blow automatically or all the time. The Auto settings will save electricity.
  2. Maintain Your Air Conditioning Service in Charleston- Just like any part of your home, your central air unit needs to have service and be maintained. Your vents should be vacuumed, ducts cleaned, filters replaced, coils and fins checked for debris, and making sure your unit is running correctly are all vital steps to increase its longevity.
  3. Use Your Ceiling Fans- Rather than letting your AC fan blow continuously, turn on your ceiling fans to help circulate the air and maintain the cooler temperatures. If your fan is set to automatic, it will only blow when it needs to start cooling. This will dramatically lower your energy costs.

There is nothing worse than being stuck inside on a hot, humid day wishing you had called air conditioning service in Charleston earlier. Don’t let your unit go out and leave you sweating. Make a professional maintenance appointment today to ensure your unit is in tip-top shape.

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