Who You Hire Matters – How To Find a Reputable AC Specialist

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Don’t Choose A Contractor Who Doesn’t Ask A Lot Of Questions

Many people mistakenly assume that pre-existing comfort, noise, dust or unhealthy air problems will be automatically solved by installing a new system.   While these problems can be solved, just replacing the equipment won’t do it. A good contractor is committed to 100% customer satisfaction.  But to achieve this, he needs information.  He knows that you and your family are the best source of information about these problems.  He will always start by meeting with you and asking many questions: about areas that have been hard to heat or cool, air that is either too dry or too humid, about how the old system worked  (or didn’t work!), and about what you are looking for in a new system. He’ll also ask if you are interested in reducing dust in the home, and if any family members suffer from respiratory allergies or asthma.  A new system can often greatly improve the overall air quality in your home.  This is especially so if duct and thermal envelope improvements are performed at the same time, and if the latest in air filtration and purification technology are built into your new system. The typical contractor is only interested in swapping the metal boxes, and won’t try to help you take full advantage of this unique opportunity.

Don’t Put The Learning Burden All On One Spouse’s Shoulders

Since everyone’s perception of comfort and indoor air quality is different, it’s very important that all the adults who live in your home participate in the initial interview and inspection.  For one thing, the Whole House Comfort Checkup consultation, testing and inspection process is very visual.  Everyone really needs to see it and have their questions answered. Just as important, there’s now a very wide range of new equipment options to choose from.  There are different quality grades and brands, different efficiency levels, colors, air filtration and humidity control options, ventilation improvements, duct repairs, insulation upgrades and even payment options.  The decisions require significant education and are best shared by all the adults of the household.  It’s not fair to one spouse to ask him or her to learn it all and then have to teach it to the other. A new system is a much bigger decision than most people realize.

Don’t Try To Evaluate Your Options When You Are Tired Or Distracted

These days at least one and often both adults in many families have to work outside the home.   It’s tempting to ask if the contractors can come by after work, or on a weekend. However, we recommend that all adults who will be involved in the decision invest the time to meet with your consultant during the day, when everyone is fresh and able to focus on the issues, and ideally while any children are at school or otherwise being cared for.   A common compromise is to go into work a bit late or come home early. Keep in mind that a good contractor will recommend a Whole House Comfort Checkup. This is an in-depth inspection and consultation, that typically requires about two hours.  It is not just a quick visit to drop off a bid.  A contractor who understands all these issues is really a Comfort and Indoor Air Quality Consultant.
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