Why Are Some of My Rooms Colder Than Others?

Your central air conditioning is meant to keep your home comfortable and consistent throughout, so nothing is more frustrating when the entire house is nice and cool, but your bedrooms are sweltering. There are a few different reasons why this happens, but one thing you must keep in mind is that our AC company in Charleston can help resolve the issues for you.

  1. Air Distribution System-One of the most common reasons why your home is not cooling evenly has to do with the air distribution system. The airflow temperature could be splitting wrong between return and supply air or there could be something wrong with the way the ductwork was run. A clog in the ductwork that stops supply air from being distributed is another common culprit. Sometimes the solution is as simple as checking your airflow registers, and you don’t need an AC company in Charleston for the repair at all; you’ll just need to flip open the registers!
  2. Balancing Dampers-If your home has balancing dampers installed in the air ducts at the outlet of the air supply drop and those dampers are closed, cool air will not pass through into the room. Balancing dampers can be used to restrict air to rooms that aren’t being used or bedrooms where the inhabitants prefer to be warmer.
  3. Size of AC Unit-One possibility of why your AC unit is not cooling all rooms the same could be because the AC unit is not large enough to cool the entire home efficiently. When your AC unit is too small, or you’ve remodeled your home to add extra rooms but did not upgrade your HVAC system, temperatures may not be consistent throughout the home.

There are a few solutions that an AC company in Charleston can help with to ensure your home stays consistently cool all summer long, including adding booster fans to your AC or zoning systems and zoning controls. These options can be rather expensive but are often cheaper than snaking new ductwork throughout your home, or replacing and upgrading your entire HVAC system.

If you’re ready to talk to an AC company in Charleston about your cooling issues, call Max’s Fix-it 24/7 at 843-595-8273.

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