Why Your AC Unit Suddenly Stopped Working

There’s nothing worse than when your air conditioner suddenly stops working when it’s hot, humid, and uncomfortable in Charleston. The weather in South Carolina is known for being really warm, even during winter months, and most residents keep an AC company in Charleston on speed dial. Before you get out the credit card, or dip into savings, to replace your AC when it suddenly stops working, there are a few things you can do to try to fix the problem yourself.

  1. Check the Breaker Box- AC units use a lot of energy and sometimes if there is a power surge the fuses will be tripped. If your AC won’t turn on the first thing an AC company in Charleston will tell you to do is to check the breaker box and ensure that all of the fuses are switched on and not blown.
  2. Is Your Condenser Running? There are many components to a central air system, including the outdoor part—the condenser. Go outside, or onto the roof if you have a commercial building and ensure there is no debris stuck in the motor, that the condenser is plugged in and running.
  3. Thermostat Malfunctions- An AC company in Charleston often finds that homeowners do not properly use their HVAC thermostats. Your thermostat controls the AC turning on and off, the temperature it cools to and humidity levels. If the batteries are dead or you are not using the thermostat correctly, the AC will not turn on.
  4. Dirty Filters-While a dirty filter may not may your AC turn off directly, they can lead to frozen coils. Replace your filter every few months to avoid this happening.
  5. Blocked Air Ducts- Your AC might be running, but the cool air may not be delivered if the air ducts are blocked or closed. Make sure your vents are open and there are no obstructions. When your AC is running, but there is no cool air blowing from the vents, the air ducts are usually the culprit.

If you check these five things when your central air stops working and you can’t find the solution yourself, an AC company in Charleston may be your only option. Make sure to hire a company you can trust that always guarantees their labor and parts.

If you are in need of AC repair in Charleston, call Air Max at 843-595-8273.

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